Too much military – Trump’s plans for July 4th cause trouble

Too much military – Trump’s plans for July 4th cause trouble

Too much military – Trump’s plans for July 4th cause trouble

US President Trump wants to celebrate Independence Day on July 4th. There is a lot of tension before the festivities.

Washington.  Once a year, America shelves the party-political quarrels for a few hours. It gathers to the smallest provincial nest with hot dogs, ice-cold beer, blue-red-white glazed muffins and high-altitude fireworks “made in China” patriotic behind the stars and stripes. To celebrate the 4th of July, 1776. The day when the country experienced its independence.

Before the 243rd edition of the central celebrations on Thursday, there are atmospheric tensions over the capital, whose origins are to be found in the White House.

Donald Trump, the Republican president, has hijacked Independence Day, according to Mayor Muriel Bowser, who has found an overwhelming majority in Democratic Washington. Yet the unusual speech that Trump wants to hold in the evening on the steps in front of the majestic monument of Abraham Lincoln is the slightest adversity.

Trump’s 4th of July Celebration: “Mall” becomes VIP Zone

Also, that this time two big fireworks are to be burned, sponsored by two entrepreneurs, one could, apart from the already days ago to the chagrin of many sports clubs for it initiated barriers, write readers of the “Washington Post”.

Conversely, the fact that Trump is fencing a VIP zone for the first time on behalf of friends and patrons on the venerable “Mall,” Washington’s good open-air parlor, bothers many. So far, everyone in Washington has been the same on July 4th.

“Air Force One” is supposed to fly

Until Tuesday it was not even clear, according to which criteria the tickets should be awarded. The biggest criticism, however, is aimed at the abundant unusual militarization of the holiday. Commander-in-Chief Trump, who was prevented by a physician-certified bone spur at the time of the Vietnam War from serving the homeland, claims to want to “thunder the world’s best fighter jets” (F-35) over the heads of the hundreds of thousands expected visitors , Also one of the two Boeing 747, which belong to the ” Air Force One” fleet .

Against the advice of the Ministry of Defense and the City of Washington, which ensures the resilience of bridges and asphalt surfaces, more than 60 -ton Abrams tanks are to be placed at strategic points.

By contrast, the “brand new Sherman tanks” promised by Trump on television are probably flat. They are not built since the end of the 50s. The trumpeting of the sacred “Fourth of July”, which in the past was a party political neuter, has a military stamp on it.

Trump of France’s national holiday done

At that time, President Emmanuel Macron had his counterpart After Trump participated in the French National Day in Paris in 2017 and invited one there on the French national holiday to the military parade on the Paris Champs-Elysées. Trump was so taken with the pomp of the “Grande Nation” that he commissioned a related event on Washington’s Pennsylvania Avenue.

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