Boris Johnson becomes new British Prime Minister

Boris Johnson becomes new British Prime Minister
Great Britain: Boris Johnson becomes new British Prime Minister

London The next British Prime Minister is Boris Johnson. The former Brexit spokesman has taken a tough course on leaving the EU. He wants to accept a No Deal.

Former British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has won the race to succeed Prime Minister Theresa May. He prevailed in the inner-party election with 92 153 votes against his rival Jeremy Hunt, who received 46 656 votes. Johnson is thus head of the Conservative Party and is to be appointed on Wednesday by Queen Elizabeth II as Prime Minister. It is expected with excitement, who brings the controversial politician to the Cabinet.

The approximately 160,000 party members – which according to the newspaper “Independent” 0.34 percent of all eligible voters – had several weeks to decide between Johnson and Hunt.

Johnson wants to renegotiate the agreement on his country’s exit from the EU with Brussels. May had failed three times with the deal in parliament. The European Union, however, rejects any amendment to the agreement. If necessary, Johnson plans to leave without an exit agreement on October 31. This should have significant negative consequences for the economy and many other areas of life.


The Brexit hardliner is likely to re-occupy many government posts. Newspapers speculated about a comeback of former Brexit ministers Dominic Raab and David Davis. Critics think Davis is incompetent and lazy. Last weekend, Finance Minister Philip Hammond and Justice Minister David Gauke had announced the abandonment of their posts in the event of John’s election victory. It is counted on resignations of other EU-friendly ministers.

Johnson has already announced that the agreed final bill for the EU exit of 39 billion pounds (around 44 billion euros) for the time being hold back. He also announced a significant reduction in income tax for well-paid Britons.

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